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Posted by FlowyAndRaze34689 on July 9, 2018 at 11:20 AM

Hi guys. I post this a day after Silver's birthday. Happy birthday Silver. You are the best and deserve all our love and friendship in your life. Now while Im talking about birthdays, Lyrica's birthday is on the 28th of this month (july). Shadow and I are planning a birthday party for her. Oh and today I will try to post an info update on Aine. I know most of you arent compatable with Aine but I still want you all to get a basic idea of what it is. I have been training hard lately. Very hard. And Shadow, Lyrica and I have adopted Skiing as a family sport. Dont ask me why but every once in a while in the plains we go skiing just for fun. I know I promised in my last update to post more but I totally forgot, being as busy as I am. I also figured that the site needs more info on it. Akayla, Cress, Silver, Anru I hope you all pass on your knowledge onto the site. We need more info. Also I feel we need more members on the site so I am going to talk it over with Cress to see if we can invite more members. I do want to say that if we invite more members to the site, we arent going to accept more people into our inner group. The idea is that they use the site just for info and questions. I will also try to post back stories to as many guardians of that plains as I can. Including Synith and Sierna, which Im pretty sure Cress doesnt know about. We need to bring Cress back from the dark. I know she is busy a lot and cant talk much but since my Skype stopped working with all the old group chats and we need to make new ones, we forgot to add her again. Ok I will try to have the Aine info post up by the end of the of today. I also plan to post the whole celestial plains once being connected to earth story. Baaaaiiii my good friends. Keep practicing and try to post more.

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