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The hell planes

Posted by Anru on April 6, 2017 at 7:30 PM
Ok, I'll give you some information on the Hell Plains, first thing to point out, I lived in the Plains of Hell for a long time (I can not specify how much but it was too much) I lived in a place called Pandemonium, Home of Satan and the Blacks ... and Vayu ... in that place, as in the Celestial Plains, there is a coliseum, with the only difference that in Hell there are conbats to death, I ... hopefully survive To all those confrontations along with the help of my guardian, the best swordsman in all hell, among them, I face the same Satan, where I was a loser and I almost lost my life, in Pandemonium you can learn many things ... But no I assure you that you have a good time ... many spirits died in that coliseum, there is also black magic training, I also know how to do black magic, I will also give you some information about Vayu, since it will be useful, he use the element of electricity, in other words, elect electrokinesis, he is able to create weapons with electrokinesis and is very strong, so strong that he overcomes Satan, he is also able to move at the speed of light, now the question, how can we stop Vayu? Simple, he is always confident of himself, so a back attack is very useful, later i will post more information of Pandemonium and Vayu, that's all :)

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