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Posted by FlowyAndRaze34689 on March 20, 2017 at 5:45 PM

So this a short file. I have been planing this a while now but hadnt found time to write it. The idea of the celestial plains was brought up by Luminight and the Old Blacksmith. Now these two were special guardians, a trio. The thrid was Bayo the master illusionist. So in order to form the idea they needed permission. They went to a "higher power". After being allowed Bayo formed and illusion of the basic idea of the plains. The blacksmith tried to form the plains but in the end failed. The failed creation is known as the shadow plains. After a few days, giving Bayo some time to rest, they went at it again. This time when Bayo made the illusion Luminight and the blacksmith put thier magic together and formed a final precious place, the Celestial Plains. After the plains was formed Luminight got to work on getting students to come to train in the plains. The blacksmith allowed some of his magic to flow into the mortal world to give that extra wonder those new students would need to want to learn magic. Once the plains were formed Luminight, Bayo and the Blacksmith watched over the plains carefully. The three gave some of their magic to enhance the magic power of mortals when they were in the plains. The only of the three of the plains creator who still lives is Bayo the master illusionist. The task of guarding the plains was given by Luminight and the old Blacksmith to Luminight´s sons and daughter, Night Shadow, Dawn Aurora and Crystal Dreamer. Bayo still guards the plains from his sleep. Luminight and the old blacksmith will long be rememebered as the creators of the celestial plains and will forever be missed, by Bayo and the guardians, Shadow, Dawn and Crystal mostly. The creators of the plains will forever be thanked by the students of the past, today and tomorrow.

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