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Update The Armor of Luminight

Posted by FlowyAndRaze34689 on March 20, 2017 at 5:25 PM

So after some dificult events I recived the honor of being able to use Luminight´s amror. Basically I weart his metal braclet and sort of summon it when I need it. This armor is really but REALLY ridiculously powerfull. Sadly the downside is that if you arent chosen to wear the armor you can die. It seems I am the one that can use it since I am not dead yet but it has a big cost. Untill I get stronger I can only stay in it 15 minutes before I get drop dead tired. The second after the fifteen minutes is up I drop to the floor and cant move. So I train almost every night with the armor. I usually dont train with it two nights in a row since it is hard for me to get up on the mornings after I use the armor. Tonight is the first night I train with it two nights in a row. Since I started using the armor the only improvment I have had is being able to take better advantage of my time in the armor. The first time I used my armor in a real fight was in a tournment against Shadow. I was at his skill and fighting level for 15 minutes then as soon as that was up I was on the floor ready to recive my butt whoping. I got slammed against a way, coughing up blood then I am pretty sure after getting on my feet, dizzy as ever, got the crap beat out of me again. I passed out and it seems as soon as my energy died out the armor dissapeared.I woke up to Shadow healing me, telling me how good I did and giving me tips on how I could have done better. I want to learn to use the armor better then one day I will be able to beat Shadow. Ok thats it for now.


Please guys try posting more the site has been very inactive. I will be posting a few more info and celestial files I have planned. I am hoping that every morning I get up for school I will write an update. This will take a while, because I have to get used to getting up that early without going back to sleep before I leave.

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