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Under Water Breathing Spell for Dragon Riders

Posted by FlowyAndRaze34689 on May 18, 2016 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (0)

This is an under water breathing spell for Dragon Riders. Not all dragons are compatable with water. Know if your dragon can swim before using this spell. The words for the spell must stay in Celestian because the words for the spell have been bound together so this will work. Please practice the pronunciation of this spell. It is important if you say it wrong you could get a mouth full of water and drown. The spell is:

Iran Name It Zarico

Say the words while drawing this symbol in the air. (Symbol 001)

The idea is to fly straight into the symbol so that the circle part does not touch the tips of you or any part of you dragon. 

So lets recap. Yell the incantation and draw the symbol. Fly straight through it. Now here is the tricky part. Once you and your dragon fully fly through the circle, ( Be completly through the circle BEFORE you enter the water) and enter the water take a deep breath of water the idea is to fill your lunges with water ( this is why the spell is dangerous if you do it wrong) have faith or the spell wont work. To return to breathing air just recast the spell BEFORE you break surface. The cool thing is I have done this spell already. Its pretty simple. I only almost drown twice! (true story. Thank you Shadow.... Twice)  :P The cool thing is if you have your dragon in your presence in really life (you dont have to be riding it. Who gave you the idea that you had to?) Doing this spell will increase your lung compacity. Which means you can hold your breath longer and without the dying risk.

Thanks. Try not to do this trick in the plains without someone around. All newbies should be acompanied by their ragon riding teachers before trying it out. Also remember to treat your dragons correctly!

Celestaial Database File: Princess of the Night

Posted by FlowyAndRaze34689 on April 19, 2016 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (3)

Many thousands of years ago was a girl. A beautiful girl with black hair and blue eyes. Her elements were Air and Electricity and her name was Alicia. She like many people trained in the celestial plains. One day while training she got lost in the forest. Looking to her wolf guardian Fang she kept walking trying to return to return to the fields. Several minutes later she found a guy. A tall guy with obsidian colred hair. She called out to him and he turned and looked at her with calm purple eyes. She ask for direccions and he acompanied her back to the fields. Before she returned to training she ask the guy´s name. He said he was called Night Shadow guardian of Darkness. She smiled and returned to training only to turn to say her name was Alicia. Every day since then after training she returned to the forest to find Night Shadow. She and Night Shadow became good friends and later lovers. The more people saw them the more they thought they were perfect for each other. Years later everyone started calling Night Shadow´s lover the princess of the night. Many years past and the two were insepearble. One day the celestiial plains recived an alert, a threat that black magic would destroy them all. As Night Shadow was put on alert the two lovers were not able to see each other as much. As fate would have it one of Alicia´s friends had gone dark and used black magic to cloud Alicia´s heart and turn her to dark too. Alicia and her great magic power beacame a threat to the celestial plains. The day came when Night Shadow and Alicia had to fight each other, a day in which Night Shadow almost lost his life. With great pain Night Shadow had to fullfill his duty as celestial plain guardian and killed Alicia. As she died all she could do was thank Night Shadow for ending the nightmare she had become. For a several thousands of years Night Shadow had to live with the fact he killed his lover. He vowed never to love again, untill recently when he found a new lover. He made a promise to protect her and never let her suffer and leave him like Alicia. He would always take care of her and treasure her life. This story explains why Night Shadow is protective of his loved ones. Although he loves again he would never forget his beloved Princess of the Night. Up untill this day he has only loved twice. He says his new love makes him happy and makes him forget the horror of killing his first love. She gives him a happy rest from his duties. Never again would Night Shadow be said. 

This file is dedicated to the memory of the Princess of the Night who, even though no longer exsists, in soul or spirit, will remain in our hearts.

Story of the Gaurdians Of Light Darkness and Dreams

Posted by FlowyAndRaze34689 on April 18, 2016 at 6:05 PM Comments comments (1)

There was once a female gaurdian that corntroled the powers of light and darkness and also guarded dreams. She brought the day and night and at the same time protected dreams as well as the celestial plains. Aftermany years of service she decided to abandon her work. But first she must train her sucessor. She created the children a pair of twins a girl and a boy and a third kid that was a boy. The twin girl had golden hair and eyes and had and energetic personality. She was nosey but really protective of her brothers and friends. She wore a crystal feathered crown and armor with a cape that hanged half way down her back. She wields a gold sword. The twin boy had obsidian black hair with calm purple eyes and he was strong, careing and protective, a little shy but true to his feelings. He used a hooded cape that he used to fade to shadow with amor as black as night. He wields a black sword made of night metal, the metal most tied to the dark night. The third kid had silver hair with traces of gold and sky blue eyes he wore a cape with armor mage of priceless crystals. The twin girl was named Dawn Aurora guardian of light, the twin boy Night Shadow guardian of darkness, and the last boy was named Crystal Dreamer guardian of dreams and protector of the celetial wall. And together they also help guard the celestial plains. Crystals base of operations is the celestial observatory. His brother and sister have hidden domains of their own too. The female guardian was their mother and she was named Luminight. When Luminight taught them every thing she knows and she found it ready for her to leave she gave them gifts and the power to shape-shift into and living animal so they could leave the guardian world and walk among human when the need or like without bringing much notice to them selves. The gift she gave Dawn Aurora was a bracelet that transformed into a bow of light so she could bring light to any darkness. Night Shadow recived a cresent moon medal witch healed the suffering of people using moon light. It could be used to shed darkness when light needs a break. Crystal Dreamer recived a crystal ball staff that alowed him to see into the future and the ablity to control any dream. When the mother guardian left the three kids vowed to protect and help each other when needed. Throught history they never aged. They could change their apperance to seem any age they want. Some times they decide to visit people just to make friends. They have visited me and some other people I know, and are some of my dearest friends. They help train students in the celestial plains. Just belive. They will be there if you need them.