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The hell planes

Posted by Anru on April 6, 2017 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (0)
Ok, I'll give you some information on the Hell Plains, first thing to point out, I lived in the Plains of Hell for a long time (I can not specify how much but it was too much) I lived in a place called Pandemonium, Home of Satan and the Blacks ... and Vayu ... in that place, as in the Celestial Plains, there is a coliseum, with the only difference that in Hell there are conbats to death, I ... hopefully survive To all those confrontations along with the help of my guardian, the best swordsman in all hell, among them, I face the same Satan, where I was a loser and I almost lost my life, in Pandemonium you can learn many things ... But no I assure you that you have a good time ... many spirits died in that coliseum, there is also black magic training, I also know how to do black magic, I will also give you some information about Vayu, since it will be useful, he use the element of electricity, in other words, elect electrokinesis, he is able to create weapons with electrokinesis and is very strong, so strong that he overcomes Satan, he is also able to move at the speed of light, now the question, how can we stop Vayu? Simple, he is always confident of himself, so a back attack is very useful, later i will post more information of Pandemonium and Vayu, that's all :)

Info The Celestial Plains Creators

Posted by FlowyAndRaze34689 on March 20, 2017 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (0)

So this a short file. I have been planing this a while now but hadnt found time to write it. The idea of the celestial plains was brought up by Luminight and the Old Blacksmith. Now these two were special guardians, a trio. The thrid was Bayo the master illusionist. So in order to form the idea they needed permission. They went to a "higher power". After being allowed Bayo formed and illusion of the basic idea of the plains. The blacksmith tried to form the plains but in the end failed. The failed creation is known as the shadow plains. After a few days, giving Bayo some time to rest, they went at it again. This time when Bayo made the illusion Luminight and the blacksmith put thier magic together and formed a final precious place, the Celestial Plains. After the plains was formed Luminight got to work on getting students to come to train in the plains. The blacksmith allowed some of his magic to flow into the mortal world to give that extra wonder those new students would need to want to learn magic. Once the plains were formed Luminight, Bayo and the Blacksmith watched over the plains carefully. The three gave some of their magic to enhance the magic power of mortals when they were in the plains. The only of the three of the plains creator who still lives is Bayo the master illusionist. The task of guarding the plains was given by Luminight and the old Blacksmith to Luminight´s sons and daughter, Night Shadow, Dawn Aurora and Crystal Dreamer. Bayo still guards the plains from his sleep. Luminight and the old blacksmith will long be rememebered as the creators of the celestial plains and will forever be missed, by Bayo and the guardians, Shadow, Dawn and Crystal mostly. The creators of the plains will forever be thanked by the students of the past, today and tomorrow.

Celestian Archive

Posted by OceanPyre on November 3, 2016 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)

I know Flo usually does Info, but there hasn't been a post about this and I guess I'm the most qualified?

SO! The Celestian Archive is the library, basically. You can access it by going to an obalisk, putting in your symbol, and popping in.

For those of you who've seen Avatar: The Last Airbender and remember the library burried under the sand, that's basically this.

For those who have no clue what I'm saying, think a massive, cylindical building. Think doughnut-shaped levels accessable by ladders going over the edge of them.  The levels are made of stone, but the ceiling and walls are a dark oak. The book cases come from the center edges of the doughnut like spokes of a wheel. These shelves are also oak and the books they contain range from leather-bound journals to ancient scrolls.

Some manuscripts have magical seals and locks. I do not recomend opening those without my permission or the premission of Dawn Aurora, Night Shadow, or Crystal Dreamer.

At the very bottom of the library in the very center (so if you drop a book over the edge, guess whose head it's going to hit?) there's me and my massive round desk. The way to return books is simple. You drop them over the edge and they kinda float down into shelves for me, Anara, and Waise to put back later. Or you just give it to me. Either or.

Typically when you first enter the Library, you're going to be in a room with a few chairs, some lamps, and one very big, wooden door with pictures on it. That big, wooden door is the entrance to the main library. Where you are is basically the entrance/study hall.

At the bottom level of the library, there is another study hall that's much bigger. I've never been inside, or I don't remember going inside, so I can't tell you much about it.

There's also a planetarium (it broke down last night and I think it's working again? Hopefully?) so if you're a nut like me, go ahead and don't break it.

As for the other maybe six doors, you explore them and tel me what you find. If it's locked, it's probably for a good reason, so please don't break my library. I have a fire breathing dragon.

That's about it when it comes to the library. At least to my knowledge, which we all know is seriously flawed. I will submit a blueprint when I get the time so you all get a visual of what the heck I'm talking about.


Info How to use the CLMS

Posted by FlowyAndRaze34689 on August 11, 2016 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

For anyone who is wondering these are the instructions on how to use the CLMS. I know I promised this months ago but finally here it is.

Its like an air tablet made of energy. Tap the air with three fingers to open it. It will open on a list of your contacts. The top has a search and a button to add contacts. You can scroll through your contacts. All new messages appear at the top with the name of the person who sent it. Tap to open. Read the message normally. Double tap and hold to reply. While holding say what you want the message to say and it will appear on screen. Release when done. (There is a trick where you can think it but its hard to do. I can do it but I usually do iy normally). To send a pic tap the pic icon on the screen. Move the energy tablet towards what you want to take a picture of and tap twice with two fingers to take the picture. To open a pic from a message tap it twice with one finger. Tap with three fingers to close.

Welp have fun with the CLMS just in case here is my Crystal code: FPLA303110

Everyone please put your crystal codes in the comments to help everyone be able to message each other.

Under Water Breathing Spell for Dragon Riders

Posted by FlowyAndRaze34689 on May 18, 2016 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (0)

This is an under water breathing spell for Dragon Riders. Not all dragons are compatable with water. Know if your dragon can swim before using this spell. The words for the spell must stay in Celestian because the words for the spell have been bound together so this will work. Please practice the pronunciation of this spell. It is important if you say it wrong you could get a mouth full of water and drown. The spell is:

Iran Name It Zarico

Say the words while drawing this symbol in the air. (Symbol 001)

The idea is to fly straight into the symbol so that the circle part does not touch the tips of you or any part of you dragon. 

So lets recap. Yell the incantation and draw the symbol. Fly straight through it. Now here is the tricky part. Once you and your dragon fully fly through the circle, ( Be completly through the circle BEFORE you enter the water) and enter the water take a deep breath of water the idea is to fill your lunges with water ( this is why the spell is dangerous if you do it wrong) have faith or the spell wont work. To return to breathing air just recast the spell BEFORE you break surface. The cool thing is I have done this spell already. Its pretty simple. I only almost drown twice! (true story. Thank you Shadow.... Twice)  :P The cool thing is if you have your dragon in your presence in really life (you dont have to be riding it. Who gave you the idea that you had to?) Doing this spell will increase your lung compacity. Which means you can hold your breath longer and without the dying risk.

Thanks. Try not to do this trick in the plains without someone around. All newbies should be acompanied by their ragon riding teachers before trying it out. Also remember to treat your dragons correctly!

Balancing Life: A little How To

Posted by OceanPyre on May 18, 2016 at 3:10 PM Comments comments (0)

I know with all the magic and your guardians and dragon if you have one running around it can be tricky to balance that with regular life. Here are some tips:

Dragons: If you have a dragon (like me) and you can't have her/him in school because it's too distracting, not a problem. Leave them at home and let them have the run of the place, let them explore. I have to leave Anara in a spare bedroom with my guitars because I can't afford her at school. I'd be terrified she'd get trampled or lost.

Guardians: Your Guardian is there to help you, but not all of them (Waise) leave you in peace. My guardian is very distanced and he barely speaks. he just watches me. But, when he does open his beak, it's training with a sword. So, my advice. Do Your Homework! Do what you have to do before you pay any mind to your Guardian. Let them help if they are able to, like Raze with math. If not, give them something to do. I leave Waise to play with Anara when I'm busy. This way, your guardian can help and you can live in peace. After I'm done, I grab my sparring/seeing stick (I pretend I'm blind around my house) and start training. Win-Win.

Shadows: If you see a Shadow, take care of that first. These things have the power to very much hurt you. If you see one, this is your top priority. Get. Rid. Of. It.

Celestial Plains: I know not everyone is adpt at going there. So, my advice, study meditation and focus on where in the plains you want to be. Don't be afraid to use different techniques. As long as you enter a trance-like state. Some can do it in their sleep, like Flo. I meditate before I go to sleep. Try to be in bed by nine or ten. Not only will this aid your sleep, but it will give you time to train before you BOZ (Black Out Zombie), which is often what happens if you "black out" (fall asleep) while inside the Celestial Plains and your body remains there. So, yes, if that happens, you can sustain injuries.

That's all I got for advice. Don't be afraid to ask me or Flo stuff. We're happy to help. :)

Info Celestial Plain Facts

Posted by FlowyAndRaze34689 on April 29, 2016 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (0)

The celestial plains is a mysterious place built millions and millions of years ago. Shortly after humans came to be the celestial plains training area was created for mortals to train in the ways of magic. Bayo the most important celestial in the illusion cup touranment was extremely involved with the creation of this training area for mortals. This area is surronded with magic to ensure all mortals learn their fill of magic. They split the divisions of magic into: elements. They did this so each mortal could have an easier time learning magic to thier personalities. Time for some facts that gave mortals the chance to learn the magic of old and the magic of new:


  • the magic energy of the Celestial plains brings out the magic in everyone. It allows us to create fire contol water even create forests. All magical abilities are intensified
  • Being in the celestial plains increases your agility, acrobatics, and energy level. This allows you to do mid-air flips, kick harder, move faster, all your senses become sharper, and all physical strength multiplies
  • All magic students have their own domain, although not everyone knows it. Go to the domain obilisks to open the portal to you domain. Mine is awesome... just ask Raze and I
  • the celetial guardians are: Crystal Dreamer guardian of dreams. He works in the observatory watching comets and stars destroying anything dangerous that interfiers with earth or the celestial plains; Dawn Aurora she watches over light and tries to keep peope from straying to darkness, not an easy task with all the shaodws in this world. She helps bring day to the areas in night. She signales hope to those lost in dispare. And finally Night Shadow he brings day to night. He also destorys those lost in black night those who turn thier lives to black, dark magic. He either destroys their dark abilities and erases their memories or ends thier lives. But do not get it wrong, Night Shadow does not command these dark forces, in fact he feels guilty for their evil darkness and blames himself. That is why he risks his life. This is a darkness that escapes his command.
  • the celestial plains is not just acessable by sleep. Its acessable by meditation and a semi asleep state.
  • the celestial plains is a training groud but any injuries you dont left healed will appear when you wake up
  • All greek gods are trainers in the celestial plains even japanese gods like okami amaterasu. All those gods have guardians. Any gods that have once have had anyone belive in them exsists in the celestial plains
  • Everyone has a guardian, the only ones who dont have guardians are Crystal Dreamer, Dawn Aurora and Night Shadow. Funfact: Luminight their mother had a guardian. A  Rainbow Dragon the only one ever in history of the world. Its name was Filana. She was the only guardian in history to be the same gender as her master.
  • The celestial plains has more people training there then meets the eye. the times zones matter in that reality too
  • The celestial plains actually has a location. It is located in the sky. It is invisable and only reachable by a portal or going through the normal steps. the portal is undetectable. only a person that has been there ad finished at least one of their elemental studies plus have a high energy vision.
These are some very basic facts about the celestial plains and its origins. If anyone has more questions I will happily make a part two if I can find enough information. These facts are true and have been proved by the celestial data base. I will be so happy to make a part two, so, ask away. Besides this was very fun to make. I also had help from Night Shadow and Dawn Aurora who were very fun to work with ;)


Info Guardian Facts

Posted by FlowyAndRaze34689 on April 29, 2016 at 5:35 PM Comments comments (0)

So my information for the week. Its time to learn more about our guardians. These are basic guidelines to what happens and what to expect. Lets get started with the fun!

  • Guardians are always the opposite gender
  • Guardians can never leave your side
  • Guardians can only be a set distance away from you
  • Guardians have a ball of light mode for when they cant fit around you
  • Guardians can use their ball of light mode to enter your body and, when you allow them to, control you. (usually used for typing, writing,playing video games, ect)
  • A guardians only purpose is to protect you. Your guardian can create a barrier. But that doesnt mean they cant be your friend.
  • Guardians can preform spells and help you preform spells.
  • Guardians can comunicate telepathicly
  • Guardians can come in ALMOST any animal.
  • Guardian groups fall into realistic and fantasy. (for example a cat- realistic. A cat with wings- fantasy)
  • Guardians can some time interact with the real world
  • In the celestial plains your Guardian can leave your side
  • Guardians are connected to you. for example: you cant feel their pain but you can know they are in pain and bisversa.
  • Guardians live off energy. They can get energy from anything, even you.
  • Guardians can "taste" food. They take the foods energy, but warning it does take away the food´s flavor
  • Guardians, just like you, can have weapons that they have to make
  • Guardian have training in the celestial plains just like you.
These are all true facts. But knowing all these facts only brings you a little closer to guardian. Its good to remember your guardian is not just yur protector but also your best friend. Guardians can be, with the right training, a very powerfull ally. Raze and I met at two years old and have been inseperable since. He is my best friend, and I couldnt imagen life without him. Your guardian can be like that too. On this site my knowledge is an open book. I hope this post is of much help to you all.

Update Illusion Cup Tournatment

Posted by FlowyAndRaze34689 on April 24, 2016 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (4)

This is a notice more than anything. And an invatation. The illusion cup is coming. This is a fighting tournamet that comes every 5 years. It is done all over the celestial plains training grounds for mortals. The illusion cup is played in teams of four. This year both Amy and I are both one of the many team captians. Amy has her team. I have come to ask Elisse and Victoria to be on my team. Lane has accepted. I need you guys to PLEASE be on my team. Last illusion cup my team won but before that Amy´s team won.  This is a team effort and I am hoping that this year we will win. I chose you all because of the relacionships we have. Lane is fire. Elisse is Fire and water. And although she is a newbie ( a term we use to call new people. Raze and Waise got into a fight for not knowing) Victoria is death. I am life, air, and water. I think this is a good balance. This cup is not for a while but from now on all training in the celestial plains will be done in your teams. This gives time to prepare team work and working together on spells and tactics. Plus advanced fighting training is now avalable in all training seasons. My team has the luck to be able to traing with Celestial plains best fighters, Night Shadow, Dawn Aurora, Crystal Dreamer. Zesus, Hades, Artemis, Aurian and Athena. The Ilussion cup is sort of like capture the flag. The Ilussion Cup takes place all over the Celestial plains training area allowed to mortals. All sepctators will be housed in the Tournament Areana. The Celestial Plains famous Bayo master illusionist will change the celestial plains to different locations. Rain forest, Desert, Mountains and even mixes of them all.  Weather condition can include: hail, fog, rain, thunder stroms, sand storms, tropical storms and more. Each team will have a base and a flag. Potitions will be assigned by the captain to attack and defend. Physical fighting as well as spells and weapons will be used. All your skills will be put to the test. Your captain will tend to perfecting your skills. She wil make a plan to be used to cordainate your training. During the Cup all teams not in play and people watching will be in the Tournament areana. When your team is up you shall leave the arena and be sent to your side of the plains to start the match. There will be breaks between the matches to heal injuries and preapare for the matches. All weapons will be submitted to put a protection spell so it can hurt but not kill. We are lucky to have a healer on the team since healing is permitted during the match. Death magic is also good since you can transfer energy from foes to friends or friends to friends. More rules can be explained if you agree and talk to your captain. Please enjoy the matches. A spell will be place on the celestial plains to lessen the possiblity of blacking out. But the effect is not 100%. Bye. I wish luck to all teams.

Weekly Magic Info Hand heat spell

Posted by FlowyAndRaze34689 on April 8, 2016 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (1)

Ive known this spell for a long time. Almost as long as my first perfected spell: controling the wind which I learned by myself at 4 years old. Just recently I figured out WHY I can do this spell. The element is connected to this spell is fire. The connection is energy. Wind creates energy and so does fire. The key to this spell is learning to control energy and freeing it. Here´s a step by step guide to doing this spell. 

1- Take your palm infront of you facing up.

2- Concetrate Your energy to your hand.

3- Take your finger from your other hand and concentrate your energy to the tip of your finger,

4- Draw one of your power symbols on your hand using your energized finger.

5- Concentrate deeply on the symbol to create heat.

6- This spell can be done on one hand and then the other.

This spell doesnt always work the first time. It took my a few trys to get it to work a little. Keep practicing to get it right it is really usefull in the winter.

This spell is compatible with all elements but the following elements should find it extemely easy to do it:

Fire, Air, Electricity, Ice (because they can extract heat from the cold and store it in their hand to create energy) and light.

Have fun with this spell. This is great for any cold days or when you get a chill. It is also good for injuries that require warmth. Keep practicing!