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Plains life

Posted by FlowyAndRaze34689 on July 9, 2018 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi guys. I post this a day after Silver's birthday. Happy birthday Silver. You are the best and deserve all our love and friendship in your life. Now while Im talking about birthdays, Lyrica's birthday is on the 28th of this month (july). Shadow and I are planning a birthday party for her. Oh and today I will try to post an info update on Aine. I know most of you arent compatable with Aine but I still want you all to get a basic idea of what it is. I have been training hard lately. Very hard. And Shadow, Lyrica and I have adopted Skiing as a family sport. Dont ask me why but every once in a while in the plains we go skiing just for fun. I know I promised in my last update to post more but I totally forgot, being as busy as I am. I also figured that the site needs more info on it. Akayla, Cress, Silver, Anru I hope you all pass on your knowledge onto the site. We need more info. Also I feel we need more members on the site so I am going to talk it over with Cress to see if we can invite more members. I do want to say that if we invite more members to the site, we arent going to accept more people into our inner group. The idea is that they use the site just for info and questions. I will also try to post back stories to as many guardians of that plains as I can. Including Synith and Sierna, which Im pretty sure Cress doesnt know about. We need to bring Cress back from the dark. I know she is busy a lot and cant talk much but since my Skype stopped working with all the old group chats and we need to make new ones, we forgot to add her again. Ok I will try to have the Aine info post up by the end of the of today. I also plan to post the whole celestial plains once being connected to earth story. Baaaaiiii my good friends. Keep practicing and try to post more.

Its like we forgot

Posted by FlowyAndRaze34689 on May 15, 2018 at 10:15 PM Comments comments (0)

I doubt any of you will read this, but no one has used this site for a while. I write this, just ot write. Life has gone on and we all have been growing up. Between tests and studies and work, we havent had much time for this site. All I can say from the last time I posted, a hell of a lot has happened. Lindsy met Lyrica, her soul, I was recognized as a true guardian of the plains, I have been mastering Luminight's armor (and now a piece of her soul is in mine), I started darkness/moon and light/sun training, I went to Luminights'd domain and met her energy beings. I could sit here all night and keep listing things. I wont forget one thing this site has done for us. Once you all left spells of magic you came her, and after talking via the sucky email service of this site, you all became part of the group, since we couldnt hand out personal info on spells of magic. We came a long way thats all I can say. We need to keep getting stronger, keep getting closer to eachother. Build trust. You all are my family after all. Call me if you need me. I am always ready to help and remember I need you guys just as much too! :) I will try not to forget this site, and start posting again, even if you all dont read it. It will be here, when one of you needs it.

Update Not having much fun

Posted by FlowyAndRaze34689 on July 14, 2017 at 11:10 PM Comments comments (0)

So as some of you may have heard either from me directly or not from me I got attacked from the new Black, Black Master. He hurt my right leg, lightly hurt my left shoulder and heavily injured Violet who tried to protect me while I layed on the ground while a shattered leg, holding Raze. Well since then I haven't been able to do much in the plains except lay in my bed with my injured dragon, who is in a coma, and rest. Raze had been poisoned but has now fully recovered. He was the first of the three of us (Violet, Raze and I) to fully recover and I know much of you say Violet will wake up (and I know she will) I know it wont happen as fast as I would have liked. The worst of all this is that Black Master put a heal block on me and no one can heal my leg or Violet´s injuries. Weirdly the injuries didn't fully follow me to this plain (what I mean is that my leg isn't shattered here just hurts like its sore or dislocated).

Also I haven't posted an update about Lyrian. Lyrian is the celestial guardian of knowledge and wisdom. She owns an infinite library that grows bigger every day. She also created the library in the plains that our dear friend Elisse is guarding and caring for. Well Lyrian´s infinite library can only be accessible by the chosen ones, people with either a pure soul (a soul that cant be tainted or changed by darkness) or a bright soul (a soul that can drive evil from other´s souls), and have the portal book. The portal books are one of a kind and can only be used by their corresponding chosen one. When a chosen one dies their portal book can change its content for a new chosen one.

Another important thing is my dad and sister have been coming to the plains a lot lately. I train with them when I can so I can help my sister advance in her training.

Now that I think about it I don't think I talked about Luminight´s armor much. Basically Dawn, Shadow and Crystal gave me their mother, Luminight´s, armor to learn to use. Its a metal band I wear on my left arm and I can use it by activating the metal band. I guess I got it cause of all my “hero” stuff and as Shadow said, I was “always meant to use it as if Luminight herself had given to you”. Well at first I could only stay in it for about 15 minutes before I dropped down on the floor tired and passed out. A while ago I found out as long as I had a fixed goal in my mind I could stay as long as I wanted in the armor. Well as I worked with the armor as much as I could one night I had a dream where Luminight explained that for the armor to work well with someone they had to alter the armor in a special way. Luminight left a piece of her soul in the armor (which is unremovable. I asked if we could use it to bring her back but she said we couldn't) and that's how she could talk to me as if she were always there. According to her if someone put the armor, or even the metal band on, and they weren't chosen, they would instantly die. I actually made my modification and somehow the armor got a pink tint. Thankfully Luminight said if I needed help or guidance she would be in the armor to assist me. She also told me I'm not even using 15% of the armor´s full power. I cant even summon Luminight´s shield let alone her sword. Once I master the armor I can summon the shield and sword to use, but of course only when I have the armor on. When I take it off the shield and sword dissapear.

Well that's all I can think of for right now. Violet is still healing up and so is my leg but my shoulder and Raze have made a full recovery. Raze has been really restless since I cant move much here or in the plains and has become highly antsy. I know I say this almost every post but I WILL try to update as often as I can. School has been a pain and I seriously need to make school a number 1 priority. Bye guys and hope you all keep practicing and see you all in the plains.


Posted by Iso on July 5, 2017 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Heh sorry Elisse ^^'

Just, don't have much to write about, I guess.

Welp, I'm still alive, we've got Silver joining our group (yay Silver), still gotta work with Dare to get her comfortable to going to the Plains, and I've basically been training a lot. Plus I figure now is a better time than ever so I'm working on a sort of surprise for the Plains. I just don't want to write about it here yet, 'cause I'm paranoid. :P

So that's pretty much it, super short, I know, but yea

See ya in the Plains!

Lord knows I hate inactivity.

Posted by OceanPyre on June 22, 2017 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (1)

Hey, people, for some reason, updates and info eats my entries. 

So, here's the news:


I managed to stay the whole night with the help of a crystal grid. :3

I need to start my training back up with fire/water (fun)

I just added Silver to our group (applause).

And Sabastian, whoever you are, FINISH YOUR PROFILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anara is once again yellow, as it is Summer (she says hi. :3)

And Waise is getting annoyed how I keep forgetting, so that's my life.


Happy Birthday, Anara!

Posted by OceanPyre on May 9, 2017 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Hey, everyone.

Just letting you know that to honor Anara's big 1st birthday there's going to be a 2 night celebration, as May 10th is the actual day. 

Remember I love you, baby, and happy birthday. :)

The hell planes

Posted by Anru on April 6, 2017 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (0)
Ok, I'll give you some information on the Hell Plains, first thing to point out, I lived in the Plains of Hell for a long time (I can not specify how much but it was too much) I lived in a place called Pandemonium, Home of Satan and the Blacks ... and Vayu ... in that place, as in the Celestial Plains, there is a coliseum, with the only difference that in Hell there are conbats to death, I ... hopefully survive To all those confrontations along with the help of my guardian, the best swordsman in all hell, among them, I face the same Satan, where I was a loser and I almost lost my life, in Pandemonium you can learn many things ... But no I assure you that you have a good time ... many spirits died in that coliseum, there is also black magic training, I also know how to do black magic, I will also give you some information about Vayu, since it will be useful, he use the element of electricity, in other words, elect electrokinesis, he is able to create weapons with electrokinesis and is very strong, so strong that he overcomes Satan, he is also able to move at the speed of light, now the question, how can we stop Vayu? Simple, he is always confident of himself, so a back attack is very useful, later i will post more information of Pandemonium and Vayu, that's all :)

Another Update :P

Posted by Iso on April 6, 2017 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (0)

(Take two...)
Sooo I've been training a lot, magic, combat, and weapon-wise. Plus I've been busy with other business that I don't want to reveal at the moment. Don't get me wrong, I love doing it, but it's a lot of paperwork and stuff. I also want to make a new scythe. My old scythe (I bought her at the Mall a while ago) worked well with my old sword but I broke her a while ago (a stupid mistake on my part, I got a bit cocky), the Emerald Vine. I still have her hilt. But now I want to make my own scythe, a better one. 

So yea that's the gist of it. See ya guys in the Plains!

Info The Celestial Plains Creators

Posted by FlowyAndRaze34689 on March 20, 2017 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (0)

So this a short file. I have been planing this a while now but hadnt found time to write it. The idea of the celestial plains was brought up by Luminight and the Old Blacksmith. Now these two were special guardians, a trio. The thrid was Bayo the master illusionist. So in order to form the idea they needed permission. They went to a "higher power". After being allowed Bayo formed and illusion of the basic idea of the plains. The blacksmith tried to form the plains but in the end failed. The failed creation is known as the shadow plains. After a few days, giving Bayo some time to rest, they went at it again. This time when Bayo made the illusion Luminight and the blacksmith put thier magic together and formed a final precious place, the Celestial Plains. After the plains was formed Luminight got to work on getting students to come to train in the plains. The blacksmith allowed some of his magic to flow into the mortal world to give that extra wonder those new students would need to want to learn magic. Once the plains were formed Luminight, Bayo and the Blacksmith watched over the plains carefully. The three gave some of their magic to enhance the magic power of mortals when they were in the plains. The only of the three of the plains creator who still lives is Bayo the master illusionist. The task of guarding the plains was given by Luminight and the old Blacksmith to Luminight´s sons and daughter, Night Shadow, Dawn Aurora and Crystal Dreamer. Bayo still guards the plains from his sleep. Luminight and the old blacksmith will long be rememebered as the creators of the celestial plains and will forever be missed, by Bayo and the guardians, Shadow, Dawn and Crystal mostly. The creators of the plains will forever be thanked by the students of the past, today and tomorrow.

Update The Armor of Luminight

Posted by FlowyAndRaze34689 on March 20, 2017 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (0)

So after some dificult events I recived the honor of being able to use Luminight´s amror. Basically I weart his metal braclet and sort of summon it when I need it. This armor is really but REALLY ridiculously powerfull. Sadly the downside is that if you arent chosen to wear the armor you can die. It seems I am the one that can use it since I am not dead yet but it has a big cost. Untill I get stronger I can only stay in it 15 minutes before I get drop dead tired. The second after the fifteen minutes is up I drop to the floor and cant move. So I train almost every night with the armor. I usually dont train with it two nights in a row since it is hard for me to get up on the mornings after I use the armor. Tonight is the first night I train with it two nights in a row. Since I started using the armor the only improvment I have had is being able to take better advantage of my time in the armor. The first time I used my armor in a real fight was in a tournment against Shadow. I was at his skill and fighting level for 15 minutes then as soon as that was up I was on the floor ready to recive my butt whoping. I got slammed against a way, coughing up blood then I am pretty sure after getting on my feet, dizzy as ever, got the crap beat out of me again. I passed out and it seems as soon as my energy died out the armor dissapeared.I woke up to Shadow healing me, telling me how good I did and giving me tips on how I could have done better. I want to learn to use the armor better then one day I will be able to beat Shadow. Ok thats it for now.


Please guys try posting more the site has been very inactive. I will be posting a few more info and celestial files I have planned. I am hoping that every morning I get up for school I will write an update. This will take a while, because I have to get used to getting up that early without going back to sleep before I leave.